School of Business and Engineering Vaud

HEIG-VD and its startups offer know-how, services and products in sports-related technologies, supported by the Transversal Health, Engineering & Economics (HE&E) Group. HEIG-VD is also involved in rehabilitation for disabled athletes and in the communication, distribution and broadcasting of sports events in general (IOT, security: INUIT project).


School of Business and Engineering Vaud

With over 2,000 students, the School of Business and Engineering Vaud (HEIG-VD) is the biggest school within the network of Universities of Applied Sciences and Arts of Western Switzerland (HES-SO). It offers ten applied Bachelor’s programs and is involved in Master’s programs in engineering and business economics in conjunction with the HES-SO; it also offers postgraduate training.


HEIG-VD significantly contributes to knowledge creation and product design through the applied research and development conducted within its 13 institutes and cross-disciplinary groups and the partnerships it fosters with industry. The school’s cross-disciplinary approach makes it an invaluable partner for businesses.


HEIG-VD has also set up an initiative called STarmac, which is supported by Switzerland’s Commission for Technology and Innovation (CTI) and InnoVaud. This initiative aims to give those with truly innovative projects the tools they need to successfully create a startup.

Know-how, services and products in sports-related technologies

HEIG-VD has cross-disciplinary sports-related expertise that encompasses most areas of engineering – including mechanical, microelectronic and nanoengineering, IT and digital technologies – as well as business management and training.

A number of institutes have developed cutting-edge technologies capable of analyzing and enhancing the performance of high-level athletes and improving broadcasting quality in a variety of sports such as golf, motorcycling, archery and football. Several startups have been created as a result of these projects.

The school’s ability to integrate different technologies makes it a key partner for those looking to design and produce innovative products and bring them to market.


Cognitive Neurophysiology - Sensors for measurement of performance - Body Movement Characterisation - Increase of Sports Audience - Heart Rate Measurement - Data base modeling - new materials and structures - energy - broadcasting - deep learning - IOT