University of Art and Design Lausanne


École cantonale d’art de Lausanne


University of Art and Design Lausanne

The University of Art and Design Lausanne (ECAL) regularly features among the world’s top ten universities of art and design


The school currently offers six Bachelor’s programs (Fine arts, Cinema, Graphic design, Industrial design, Media & interaction design and Photography), five Master’s programs (Fine arts, Film, Photography, Product design and Type design) and two Master’s of Advanced Studies (MAS) in Design for Luxury & Craftsmanship and in Design Research for Digital Innovation in conjunction with the EPFL+ECAL Lab.


ECAL also offers a one-year foundation course to prepare students for its various Bachelor’s programs.

Design for sport, design, sport and sustainability

ECAL is frequently involved in sports-related projects. Some are conducted directly by students, while others are run in partnership with well-known companies like SCOTT, Punkt. and Hublot. These broader projects tend to involve a large number of students.


Most sports-related projects are carried out as part of the design-related courses – the Bachelor’s in Industrial Design, the Master’s in Product Design and the MAS in Design for Luxury & Craftsmanship. And under the direction of designer and professor Thilo Alex Brunner, ECAL is conducting a research project called “The Aesthetics of Sustainability” aimed at creating a whole new generation of sustainable equipment that can be used in fields such as sport.


Technology - performance - ergonomics - design - materials - sustainable development - sustainability

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